Save-Up Automatic Savings + Insurance


Start the habit of saving with BPI Direct Save-Up Automatic Savings + Insurance

Saving is tough, especially when the urge to splurge becomes overwhelming.  Hold yourself back from overspending with the help of BPI Direct Save-Up!



Savings that's easy to start and build.

Start your Save-Up account with no initial deposit. Build it up regularly from your ATM-based savings account while enjoying a higher interest rate.



Save what you can, when you can.

Decide how much you want to save every payday or every month and it will automatically be transferred from your ATM-based savings account to your Save-Up account.  When you have extra cash, no need for you to wait for your automatic schedule transfer - you can transfer funds anytime to your Save-Up account.



Secure savings, secure future.


To help you build your funds, your Save-Up account does not come with an ATM card.  This way you can really resist from withdrawing the funds you're saving.



Feel even more secure with FREE BPI-Philam Life insurance.

Get FREE life insurance coverage with your Save-Up account.  No medical check-ups or premium payments required.  The amount of your coverage is equal to as much as 10x your account balance* up to PhP 4 million!

·       Basic Life: 5x your account's average MTD-ADB up to PhP 2 million. 

·        Accidental Death: additional 5x your account's average MTD-ADB up to

        PhP 2 million. 

·       Accidental Dismemberment: in accordance with the Schedule of Dismemberment Benefits, up to PhP 2 million.



Watch your savings grow in real-time.

Easily track your savings as it grows via BPI Express Online at or through BPI Express Mobile menu on your cellphone or BPI Express Phone.



Monitor your savings with the help of the Save-Up Info Card.


Your Save-Up account comes with an Info Card that contains your account number, card number and Joint Account Indicator (JAI).  This information is important when viewing your account.  The Info Card also serves as proof of your FREE BPI-Philam Life Insurance.



Start saving for sure with BPI Direct.

*Average Month-to-Date Average Daily Balance (MTD-ADB) of the past three calendar months prior to Insured's demise, regardless of the number of accounts opened by the Insured.









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Easy way to save

Transfer money automatically from your linked account like your Express Teller Savings to BPI Direct Save-Up. Just nominate the amount and frequency of transfer.