BPI Direct Housing Loan

Get a LOWER RATE on your Housing Loan.

BPI Direct has made buying your dream home easier and affordable.  Here’s why:

  • Loan Purpose:  You can use your BPI Direct Housing Loan to:
    • purchase a vacant lot
    • purchase a house & lot
    • construct a house
    • renovate your existing home
    • refinance loans with other financial institutions
  • Loan Amount:   Enjoy up to 80% of appraised value or net selling price of an accredited project*.  Minimum loanable amount is Php 400,000.

* Accredited projects are those whose Developer has special arrangements with the Bank.  The property need not to be appraised since the net selling price is considered by the Bank as the valuation of the property.

  • Loan Term: You can pay your housing loan up to 15 years depending on your collateral:
    • Maximum of 15 years for house & lot and townhouse
    • Maximum of 15 years for vacant lot and condominium of accredited projects
    • Maximum of 10 years for vacant lot and condominium units of non-accredited projects
  • Payment Convenience:  You can enroll in our Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA) so your monthly amortization will be automatically debited from your deposit account.
  • Timely Response:  Once BPI Direct receives your online application form, you will receive feedback within 24 hours for Metro Manila-based and 72 hours for applicants outside of Metro Manila. Apply now.

Eligibility Criteria:  If you have been employed or in business for the last 2 years with a minimum gross monthly income of Php 50,000, you are qualified to apply for a BPI Direct Housing Loan.

Pre-Processing Requirements:

1.    Income Documents

  • Certificate of employment & compensation
  • Latest ITR

2.    Collateral Documents

  • For Accredited Projects:
    • Endorsement Letter or Computation Sheet or Contract to Sell from developer with contract price and description of unit indicated thereon
  • For Non-Accredited Projects:
    • Clear Copy of Owner's Duplicate Copy of TCT/CCT   
    • Lot Plan/Vicinity Map
    • Photocopies of tax declaration, tax receipts and tax clearance
  • Additional Documents for Construction Loan
    • Building plan (complete set)
    • Bill of materials/specification/cost estimates
    • Scope of Work
    • Building permit
  • Additional Documents for Loan Refinancing
    • Statement of Account from Mortgage Lender
    • Proof of Payment for the last 6 months

3.    Non-refundable Appraisal Fee plus additional expenses for provincial properties only for non-accredited projects

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