BPI Direct Express Teller Savings


With a BPI Direct Express Teller Savings Account you are assured that you will be able to monitor and manage your accounts anytime, anywhere through the Bank's superior electronic channels.

This account allows you to: 

·         Earn high interest on your deposit -- better than other regular savings accounts.

·         Access your account through over 14,000 Expressnet, Bancnet, and Megalink ATMs nationwide.

·         Withdraw cash from over 1 million Cirrus-affiliated ATMs in over 210 countries worlwide in the currency of the country you are in.

·         Enjoy higher ATM withdrawal limit of PhP 50,000 a day.

·         Experience convenience by doing a host of banking transactions via the Bank's superior electronic banking channels - BPI Express Online, BPI Express Phone and BPI Express Mobile.

o        Transfer funds anytime, anywhere

o        Pay bills from the comfort of your home

o        Reload cellphones and prepaid cards instantly

o        View your account transaction details and even download your electronic statements from six months back in BPI Express Online

·         Deposit cash anytime, real-time without the assistance of a branch teller through the Bank's Express Deposit Machine.  Your cash deposit will be credited to your account in an instant!

·         Go cashless, worry-free shopping via the Express Payment System (EPS) at accredited establishments nationwide.  No enrollment required.

·         Plus, your Express Teller Savings comes with a partner savings account -- BPI Direct Save-Up.  It allows you to save automatically, just choose how much and how often and we'll do the rest for you.  This means you never have to worry about setting aside money again, it will be automatic!

·         Open an account anytime - online.



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Easy way to save

Transfer money automatically from your linked account like your Express Teller Savings to BPI Direct Save-Up. Just nominate the amount and frequency of transfer.